Molly's Dream

What I learned by reading Molly's Dream.

What Dream Does Molly Have?
When Molly grows up, she want to live at the edge of a village and have a pond with ducks and geese. She also wants to have the courage to own and run her own buisness. Also, she wanted to be skilled ad intlligent, just like Mrs. Simmons.

What Will She Need to Do To Make Her Dream Come True?
Molly would need to finish her contract first.Then she would also need courage just like Mrs. Simmons does.

A New Kind of Freedom

What I learned in this story.

What Convinced Johann to go to America?
1. Pastor Vogel told Johann all the good things about moving to Pennsylvania.
2. Johann knew that he was going to recieve 450 acres of land. More than he thought!

How Did He Feel About the Decision Later?
He felt very happy. He recived 450 acres of land and his house was very near a stream. Also, he learned that Penn, a very important person of Pennsylvanina belived in peace. So there would probably be not very many fights or wars.


What I learned in watching the brain pop immigration movie.

I learned that...
1. To have more space in where they live.
2. Some people are forced to move.
3. To escape war in their home country.
4. To escape their country's religious and political beliefs.
5. Some people are poor and attracted by the almost unlimited economic opportunity.

Background Questions

Prior Knowledge
What do you know already?

In order to start our exploration of the unit you really should determine what you already know about the essential questions. So, please answer each of the questions according to what you already know (prior knowledge).

You can list ideas, write a paragraph or two, or you can web your ideas; make a mind map. You may also choose to create your response using the computer in some creative way. It is up to you.

Use the space below each question to record your written response, or print out and clip your computer generated response to this page of your booklet.

Essential Question 1: Why do people move?

Here are some ideas of why people move.
1.To see what it is like it a certain city/country so they move there and experience how people live there.

2.Because they don’t like the place they are living currently and so they move to another place where they think they can have a better life.

3.Because some parent’s jobs require working in a certain part of the world.

4.To be closer to relatives.

5.So that children can have a better background of studying.

6.To be able to study in that place.

Essential Question 2: What do we do when other people don’t think, act, or speak the same way we do?


1.Act it out


1.Explain as simply and easy as you can.

2.See if the other person’s thoughts are correct.

3.Correct them in a way that they can understand.

1.Tell them in a nice manner that they are not acting right.

2.If you are the one acting wrong, correct yourself.